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Reduce your costs.

After studies, personalized napkins of bigger dimensions reduce by 28% the consumption of napkins by your customers. Thus, you can transfer the budget to another segment.

Make impact

The impact made by a personalized napkin creates a feeling of satisfaction in the mind of your customer because it sends the message that your restaurant offers great experiences down to the smallest detail.

Create exposure

Used by big brands around the world, repetitive exposure of your logo in front of your customers creates a feeling of familiarity. It’s one way to make them remember you and your product.

de satisfied customers

We’ve honored over

We’ve produced over
billion napkins

Because we work with bars and restaurants across the country, we want to produce personalized napkins of the best quality and deliver them to you in the shortest time, such as you can have the liberty to take care of the rest of the details that create a warm experience to your customers.

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