Mihaela Popovici

Production Manager

“At some point, the market froze and it was a constant struggle for me to continue, but I couldn’t give up because the factory is like my very own daughter. I care a lot about her.”

With an experience of over 29 years, Mihaela can be considered a down to earth person, but also very confident in her knowledge. Behind her professionalism, she unites all the people in the factory and she motivates them to work at a standard of excellence rarely seen.

If you want to enter Mihaela’s grace, she would appreciate if you would bring dog food. She loves dogs, she even has one at home and one at the factory.

Ionela Popa

Administrator & Commercial director

“Being wanted for my experience in sales, from the beginning I felt like home and that made me really involved. I can say that by working here, I became more calculated, more organized and more confident in my skills. “

Although she is a prompt and organized person, Ionela is that person that actually connects with the potential customers. Not only as a business, but also as a person. Most probably, she is the voice you will probably hear that’s behind the phone .

punctuality and promptitude are her trump cards.
If you want to enter Ionelas grace, then all you have to do is keep your promise.

Our principles


We always execute our obligations thouroughly and on time because our main objective is to satisfy our customers.


Once with the gained experience came the performance, to produce in the quickest and most efficient way your napkins.


We are proud of the quality of our products because they are created accordingly to European standards.